Dedicated in deployment of the Confidential Blockchain in non-financial business.

Optimizing IoT Data-sharing and Value-Circulation in Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Logistics, Supply Chain, Agriculture, etc.

Trade Log provides solutions by using of Blockchain technology which enables its users optimizing and efficient management of data sharing nodes. By deploying the Confidential Blockchain utilizing Zero-Knowledge Proof, etc. especially to the enterprise space widely, drastic improvement can be expected.

Trade Log also provides solutions of IoT data sharing technology in non-financial business.

What is the Confidential Blockchain in non-financial business?

B2B Transactions

Trade Log helps efficient data sharing of transaction histories and supply chain records information for enterprise wide streamlining by using of IoT/RFID.

  • Manufacturing
    Supply Chain Management, Accountability of No Net Loss Principle/SDGs, etc.
  • Infrastructure
    Combination of Sharing Economy and P2P, Public Data Sharing, etc.
  • Logistics/Trafic
    Multiple Subcontracting Eliminating, Traffic Jam Reducing, Road-Surface Condition Information Sharing in Snowfall Area, etc.

B2C Activities

Trade Log helps customer royalty increasing through brand management taking the brand accountability and fan marketing into the consideration.

  • Public Goods
    Accountability of CO2 Emission Status/Contamination Status, Incentives for Environmental Conservation, etc.
  • Social Liability
    Accuntability of Authenticity/Raw Material, Achievement of SDGs, etc.
  • Fan Marketing
    New Customer Developing through Fan Marketing.